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Access Flooring

C.N.S Flooring offers access flooring installed to meet your requirements. Access flooring is suitable for data rooms, open plan offices and where wiring runs under the floor.


C.N.S Flooring boasts to have the most innovative designs and textures available on the market. C.N.S Flooring is also renowned for carpets with durability and a wide selection of colours and patterns to suit diverse tastes in commercial and home sectors. C.N.S Flooring is also renowned for good installations and offers a wide selection of colours available from local and international manufacturers.

Luxury Vinyl Tiles

LVT’s (Luxury Vinyl Tiles) is the fastest growing category in flooring, offering the natural good looks of wooden floors combined with the latest technological advances for enhanced durability and performance. C.N.S Flooring offers a wide range in the category.


C.N.S Flooring offers various vinyl products from sheeting, tiles and wall cladding, to suite architects, developers and designers specifications.

Solid Wood

C.N.S Flooring has a wide range of solid wood products which is suitable for decks, spar’s, hotel groups and medium to high-end consumers.

Wood Laminate

Laminated flooring consists of interlocking planks that are placed on top of concrete slabs, plywood, vinyl flooring and any floor finish that is hard and consistently flat. It is not fixed to any subfloor and for that reason relatively easy to install and cost-effective.

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